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Helps website owners to get the necessary improvements quickly and conveniently, and business - customer trust
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How it works

Checked result
After completing the work, you will receive all the documentation and links to the completed order.
Many orders
A large number of tasks are available in the Likeberi system of varying complexity, you can always choose the order that suits you.
This is simple
Placing crowdlinks is easy, just enough just learn the rules of the system. And if you're having trouble, just write to us.
How it works
After the job is done
it checked by moderators
and sent to you for verification.
Send order
We form an application for performers indicating necessary parameters for placement. Our links are placed manually, by real users.
Waiting for completion
Next, the performers find suitable resources and leaving comments,
which organically fit
in thematic discussions.
Reputation improvement
Improvement SEO-metrics


Get traffic on your site
Improve SEO-metrics
Building reputation
Likeberi are an essential tool for building a natural, and therefore working reference mass. Allows you to make a good contribution to the overall result of the promotion.

Getting positive feedback about your product, you thereby form your reputation, and crowd out possible negative comments on the second plan.

We work only with thematic sites with good attendance, so they contribute to obtaining interested potential clients.
Flexible ordering system
Quick placement
Quality performance


Tasks are placed quickly due to technology distribution of tasks: performers quickly receive orders, customers - affixed and verified links.
Tasks are controlled by AI, and performers are trained in crowd marketing. Thanks to this, the placed links become quality and relevant advice.
You can order to different URLs in within one project, and there is also the possibility of buying any quantity, even 1 job.
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